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Shopping over £20 and get Polita £2 - Terms of conditions

1. “Polita” referred as the “Organizer” is the organizer of the promotional campaign called “Shopping over £20 and get Polita £2”.

2. The promotion will be conducted in Northern Ireland, in all Polita stores.

3. Vouchers will be available at all Polita stores.

4. The promotion runs from 8th of May 2017 to 15th of June 2017. Coupons will be accepted at “Polita” stores from 8th of May 2017 to 31st of June 2017.

5. The condition for participating in the promotion is to make a purchase transaction for a minimum of £ 20. After the discount is granted to the holders of the “Polita Loyalty Card”. For fulfillment of the terms and conditions of the promotion, the customer receives a £ 2 voucher for the next purchase.

6. There are no limits on how many times a customer can participate and vouchers for purchases are issued proportionally, e.g. for purchases of £40 the customer gets 2 vouchers of £2.

7. Vouchers will not be exchanged for cash.

8. The condition of the voucher is to make further purchases for a minimum of £ 10, subject to the discount granted to the holders of “Polita Loyalty Card”.

9. To get another £2 voucher while using a “2 gift voucher to make a payment, customer must make a minimum purchase of £22, subject to a discount granted to your “Polita Loyalty Card”.

10.The refund of the item to be purchased when the customer receives or redeems a discount coupon causes the value of the item to be reimbursed to be reduced by the value of the discount received in the execution of the voucher.

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